Memphis, TN - Two new videos produced by FAST™ demonstrate the advantages of EFI systems and help users determine if the EZ-EFI® or EZ-EFI 2.0® system is the right one for them. Modern electronic fuel injection systems are simple, intuitive and easy to install. In the video, "Benefits Of EFI Over Carburetors," (See below) FAST™ Sales Manager, David Page, explains how EFI systems are superior to carbs in that they provide better cold starts, crisper throttle response and improved fuel economy, along with increased torque, horsepower and a consistent state of tune. Page goes into detail about each benefit over the course of the video's 2:42 running time. As a follow-up, in the video called, "Choosing Between EZ-EFI® & EZ-EFI 2.0®," Page walks the viewer through his or her choices regarding FAST™ self tuning EZ-EFI® systems. Horsepower levels, power adders, type of communication needed and required level of customization all play a role in choosing one of these revolutionary systems. Page again details how each EZ-EFI® system works with these variables and provides a helpful checklist to make sure the viewer chooses the system that best suits the needs of their specific applications.
About FAST™
In 2001, FAST™ was acquired by the COMP Performance Group™ and moved its headquarters to Memphis, TN, to become the popular electronics company that we know today. After more than a decade in the performance aftermarket industry, FAST™ is the recognized leader in advanced EFI technology. Now, not only does FAST™ offer the components to adapt virtually any engine to fuel injection, it is also an emerging force in the ignition market. With the latest in easy-to-use electrical components, the experts at FAST™ have everything that you need to make high-tech horsepower.