Huntersville, NC - This new, three-and-a-half minute video details how Driven Racing Oil™ separates itself from the competition in the lubricant industry. Driven Racing Oil is not like most oil companies. While many utilize a base chemistry and apply it across as many applications as possible, Driven takes the opposite approach. In this video, Lake Speed Jr., Driven's Certified Lubrication Specialist, explains how the brand provides application-specific engineering. This technique provides the end user with the knowledge that each product is created just for his or her needs. It doesn't matter if the product is for a high-level race team or a street enthusiast; Driven's attention to detail remains the same. Speed goes on to talk about how Driven is always evolving, thereby allowing it to serve customers' needs more quickly and accurately than some of the bigger oil companies. He also details how a customer calling Driven will speak directly with the individual who formulated the product, an unheard of occurrence at most companies. Finally, he looks toward the future and gives viewers a glimpse of what's coming next. See this video below. All videos from Driven Racing Oil are available on our YouTube channel at
About Driven Racing Oil™
Born from Joe Gibbs Racing, one of the most successful NASCAR teams of the past two decades, Driven Racing Oil™ utilizes cutting-edge lubricant technology and on-track research for maximum performance gains from all of its product offerings. Competition drives innovation, and Joe Gibbs Racing originally developed the Driven brand of oils to advance engine and driveline performance on the racetrack. From full synthetic race oils to engine break-in oils, Driven offers a wide range of race and street products that deliver performance, protection and value.