Memphis, TN - The latest Inglese™ catalog features 16 pages of information on some of the world's finest and most exotic induction systems and related components. The 2014 Inglese™ Master Catalog is hot off the press. Jam-packed with information and full-color photos, it places major emphasis on the induction brand's EFI systems. However, the carburetor systems that Inglese™ was founded on are still readily available. New EZ-EFI® Sidedraft Retro-Fit Induction Systems are included on page three, while 8-Stack systems for both EZ-EFI® and XFI™-equipped applications are also shown. In addition to complete EFI and carbureted induction, the catalog also spotlights components such as intake manifolds, throttle bodies, stacks and fuel rails. A variety of accessories round out the product line included in the catalog. The literature also provides contact information for the Inglese™ website and tech help line, so it includes everything Inglese™ customers need to utilize exotic induction on their vehicles.
About Inglese™
In 1977, Inglese™ began with employees fine tuning Weber carburetors on Cobra roadsters with the goal of jetting and tuning the carbs prior to installation to perform perfectly, right out of the box. This paved the way for Inglese™ to provide parts and better tuning while creating visually stunning induction systems for some of the fastest and most exotic Fords on the planet, and opened the door for development of Weber systems for other American V8s, as well as the manufacture of the company's own intakes and components. In 2007, Inglese™ joined the COMP Performance Group™, who broke tradition by introducing Inglese™ Electronic Fuel Injection Systems, while continuing to offer popular Weber carburetor systems. For additional information on Inglese™ or its products, visit us at, or call us at 1.866.450.8089. Also visit us on Facebook at, on Twitter at or on YouTube at