Includes King’s new coated race bearings offerings
Cedar Grove, NJ - King Engine Bearings has just launched its new comprehensive 2018 racing specific application guide. It includes many new popular applications for domestic and import engines. It also includes information about King's innovative and superior pMaxKote™ factory applied race bearing coating.
“It’s the first time that a no-added-thickness coated bearing is being offered in the race market,”says Limor Karpatkin, King's VP Sales & Marketing. “Not only is pMaxKote™ manufactured at King's factory, but it is also applied to the bearings by King as well, therefore enabling control of the entire process. Actual results indicate that we found the ultimate race material, combining the strength and softness that today's race engines require", added Limor.
The new guide includes in-depth information about King's race proven XP & HP bearings, and the new XPC coated bearings.
King is introducing new coated applications available in stock for Honda B & K Series, Subaru EJ, Toyota 2JZ and Nissan VR38DETT.
King’s pMaxKote™ represents a new approach to coated bearings, It has significant performance advantages over regular race bearings in terms of seizure resistance and oil starvation protection.
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