Company's solution can help save lives by providing drivers a convenient, quick and safe way to cut seat belts, break windows and leave their vehicles in crash situations
Irvine, CA, June 19, 2018 - It is well documented that seat belts save many lives each year, but in some crash situations, the essential safety harness can turn a vehicle into a death trap. Inspired to help drivers facing such harrowing scenarios, a new company has launched The Cut N Go, the industry's first device that is locked directly on the seat belt to provide a convenient, timely, and safe option to cut safety belts, break car windows and escape vehicles at accident scenes. To access the Cut N Go, consumers only need to lift the handle, break the safety tab, pull down the lever completely and the hidden blade will cut through the seat belt. They can then employ the integrated glass breaker to leave their car.
Stephen P. Souders, The Cut N Go company owner and inventor, said he got the idea for his product a couple of years ago when watching a news report about a policeman wading through water to help save people trapped in a car by their seat belts. "That was always my fear during all of my driving through the years," Souders said. "The idea hit me like a brick and I went to my dining room table and drew it up, the logo and all. The Cut N Go is always there when you need it. It's the only locked on, self-enclosed, manually guided, childproof seat belt cutter on the market. The quality of the material of my product will withstand the force of an accident. The Cut N Go can be moved anywhere on the belt to be more easily accessed and used in wide range of car accident situations. The fact that it is self-enclosed makes it safe around children. At no time can a child access the blade. With the handle design, I feel anybody can use it whether you have big hands, small hands, fat fingers, skinny fingers, and maybe even injured fingers. It's truly a complete personal vehicle extraction kit. My mission is to help save lives through producing a unique product."
Benefits of The Cut N Go include:
• Always within an arm's reach: The Cut N Go is locked on to the seat belt for convenient use as a manually guided, childproof seat belt cutter and car window breaker.
• Built to withstand accident impact: The Cut N Go is created with American-made super tough nylon that is nearly indestructible.
• Life-saving awareness kit: Drivers can have their vehicle Cut N Go equipped with essential information stickers. The sticker for outside the car is to notify first responders and good Samaritans that your vehicle is Cut N Go protected. Sticker for the car interior helps identify for the vehicle's occupants where to break the window to escape.
The Cut N Go has launched an Indiegogo campaign,, to spread awareness about their product among consumers and the investment community.
About The Cut N Go
The Cut N Go is industry's first locked on, self-enclosed, manually guided, childproof seat belt cutter and window breaker for the quick escape of vehicles at accident scenes. For more information on the campaign, please visit their Indiegogo page.