Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, June 19, 2018 - Awesome Products Corp. introduces a new concept in car and truck cleaning, their Bugs Off® Detailing Pads. Don Meyns, president of Awesome Products Corp. states "we originally designed the product to safely remove bugs and bug residue from any vehicle surface. As we tested the product with consumers, body shop owners, and detailers, they reported that after using a Bugs Off® Pad to wash the entire car, they achieved detailing results similar to a clay bar and only used car wash soap & water with the Bugs Off® Detailing Pad. Body shop owners even reported that it took off light to moderate overspray and industrial pollutants."
They also reported that, unlike a clay bar, they were able to use the Bugs Off® Detailing Pad not only on the paint but on the glass, plastic headlight covers, and graphics. They are easily cleaned if dropped. This eliminated the need for using several products, saved time, and drastically lowered the cost of cleaning a vehicle as they were able to reuse the pad again and again.
Dale Talley, owner of Dale's Auto Body in Kansas City, KS states "it's easier to use, faster, less expensive, and lasts longer than a clay bar. It allows us to clean the whole car just once."
After hearing from testers, Don Meyns states "we decided to change the name from Bugs Off® Pads to Bugs Off® Detailing Pads!"
The Bugs Off® Pads are available at Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, and Infinity dealerships through a distributor agreement with Warren Distribution and Awesome Products Corp. is seeking other distributors.
Founded in 1996, Awesome Products Corp. is an SBA certified veteran owned business and manufacturers all its products here in the USA. It is known for providing the finest, most effective cleaning products for aircraft, ships, boats, cars, trucks, and RVs.

SOURCE Awesome Products Corp.