A first-to-market technology that gives users the ease of a hands-free operation
The next big trend in powered lift supports
ZF Aftermarket has announced the launch of a first-to-market technology to the STABILUS product line; the POWERISE® lift support. As the world’s largest manufacturer of gas-charged lift supports, STABILUS is setting a new industry standard with the launch of its latest powerised lift support. ZF Aftermarket is the authorized distributor for the aftermarket brand, STABILUS.
Convenience for the Consumers & the Technician
The STABILUS branded POWERISE® lift support offers consumers a convenient hands-free operation when maneuvering their vehicle’s hatch. “POWERISE® is a self-contained, electromechanical lift support which encompasses all necessary elements to open and close heavy tailgates automatically,” said Tom Galla, ZF Aftermarket Sr. Product Manager.
This all-in-one automatic drive system gives users the ability to remotely open and close their vehicle’s hatch in a matter of seconds, providing consumers with a more efficient use of their time when opening and closing their vehicle’s hatch. This innovative technology is not only convenient for the driver, but also for the installer. Combining the motor, lift support and connection into one system, STABILUS has created a simplified plug-and-play installation process. This combination also reduces the number of parts an installer needs to complete the installation.
“With the addition of POWERISE® to ZF Aftermarket’s All Makes/Models lift support product line, automotive repair businesses will have greater access to genuine replacement units. This will enable them to repair customers’ vehicles faster and with OE-quality parts,” said Galla.
A New Kind of Technology
The POWERISE® lift support currently offers four SKUs. As the product continues to grow in use, so will the number of vehicle applications and part numbers. The current applications for the STABILUS POWERISE® are:
• ’15 - ’10 BMW X3 Hatch
• ’14 - Jeep Grand Cherokee Hatch
• ’15 - ’12 Ford Escape Hatch
Before this STABILUS launch, replacement POWERISE® units were only offered through car dealerships. “The addition of POWERISE® to the STABILUS aftermarket product range establishes the brand as a technology leader, with the most comprehensive range of product for OE and aftermarket solutions,” said Galla.
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