Lincolnshire, IL, June 12, 2018 - With the European coverage in Snap-on® Software Upgrade 18.2, technicians gain the power, knowledge and confidence they need to keep even the toughest European repair jobs in-house. The latest software offers significantly enhanced general repair, collision and safety systems coverage for Alfa Romeo®, Audi®, BMW®, FIAT®, Jaguar®, Land Rover®, Mercedes-Benz®, Porsche®, Volkswagen® and Volvo®, with coverage for 1992 and later vehicles.
“We know technicians are focused on providing the best customer care to build lasting relationships, which means consistently doing a job well done,” said Leian Wunderlich, software marketing and program manager for Snap-on Diagnostics. “Regular software upgrades, including the European coverage, can supply competitive advantage with exclusive coverage and capabilities rarely seen outside a factory tool. Snap-on helps technicians work smarter with software that increases their productivity and profits.”
Software Upgrade 18.2 European coverage highlights include 2017 model year updates, safety and advanced drivers assistance systems, special functions for engine, body and instruments and so much more. Refer to the new Software Upgrade 18.2 Vehicle Coverage Guide to review coverage detail.
Software Upgrade 18.2 Asian, domestic and European coverage includes more than 400,000 codes, data, tests and tips for technicians to handle systems such as diesel, TPMS, electric steering and hybrid power systems with the most comprehensive OEM-specific coverage for 100 vehicle systems and 49 manufacturers.
To learn more about the Software Upgrade 18.2 or the European coverage, visit or talk to your Snap-on franchisee or other Snap-on sales representative.
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