All-new tool adds strength and elegance to the VamPLIERS lineup, with just as much bite as ever.
Irvine, CA, May 30, 2018 - Vampire Tools, the innovative company that sports a lineup of the world's best hand tools, has rolled out Brute, its strongest, lightest, and most versatile tool yet to join the Vampliers lineup. With all-new features, the Brute exemplifies the Vampire Tools commitment to unsurpassed quality and innovation.
Users who are familiar with other Vampire Tools products will see the family resemblance, but will instantly notice a few upgrades. The Brute's black oxide finish adds a noticeable upgrade to previous VamPLIERS®, and acts as a protection against rust. Surprisingly, the Brute is both lighter at just 125g, and tougher, with a hardness rating of HRC60, than the comparable VT-001, making it the perfect compact pliers for motorcyclists to throw into their pack and take along for the ride. Like all VamPLIERS®, the Brute's superior manufacturing from Japanese steel allow it to easily defend its claim of being the world's best set of pliers.
Far more than just a refresh of the VT-001, the Brute also sports a number of design changes. Whereas the VT-001 was optimized to extract fasteners of a variety of sizes, the Brute's newly redesigned surface allows for a set of new functions, and the weight and size make it a versatile choice for a range of tasks. A longer wire cutting surface and larger opening makes the brute especially attractive for electrical jobs, while its intermesh teeth interlock over a wider surface area, allowing for more control and greater bite for hard-to-grip items like sheet metal. The Brute's nose sports the signature VamPLIERS® jaws for gripping fasteners, but comes with a slenderer nose that allows it to get into smaller spaces with ease.
Mirza Basravi of Vampire Tools expressed his enthusiasm for the new offering. "Without a doubt, Brute is the best set of VamPLIERS® we've ever offered, and it represents a tremendous leap forward in quality, design, and functionality for us. The Brute is a great addition to every toolbox, and if you're only going to get one pair, make it the Brute."
About Vampire Tools
Vampire Tools International, Inc. started in 2012 with the vision to revolutionize seemingly straight-forward hand tools through simple, function-driven innovation. The innovative design of the flagship tool, the VamPLIERSTM put the company on the map as the most effective tool on the market for extracting stripped fasteners. Vampire Tools works to continually introduce new and unique products that are versatile, technologically intuitive, and time-saving.
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