Maintaining a consistent engine temperature is a more efficient way to keep engines cool. Many other basic fan controllers turn the fan on when the engine is getting too hot, and off after expending a lot of energy cooling it. This recurring cycle can lead to amperage spikes, excessive fan wear, and plenty of undesired fan noise. PROFORM’s Digital Variable Speed Fan Controller significantly reduces these issues by running the engine’s fan or fans at varying speeds to maintain a consistent temperature, while constantly adjusting as engine heat fluctuates. To substantially reduce amperage spikes, the controller gradually starts the fan(s) and then slowly ramps up to the required speed. As the car runs, the controller receives real-time temperature information from one of the two included brass probes. The controller processes this information to run the fan(s) at the correct speed needed to maintain the desired engine temperature. Check out the video below.
Using the controller is easy, set the temperature with a simple + or - button interface, and Mode button to toggle between F° or C° temperatures, as well as the total amperage running through the system. The weather resistant billet aluminum housing has a sleek profile that easily fits under the hood. The bright digital display makes adjusting in low light areas a non-issue. The controller can accommodate one or two 12-volt brushed motor fans, and comes with a push-in, and thread-in brass probe to best fit your engine configuration. Necessary electrical connections included.
• Substantially Reduces Amperage Spikes
• Maintains Consistent Engine Temperature by Adjusting Fan(s) Speed as Heat Fluctuates
• Includes Push-in & Thread-in Brass Probe to Best Fit Engine Configuration
• Works w/ most 12V Brushed Motor Fans

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