Holley/MSD has announced the release of Hays Twister Full Race Torque Converters, which are designed specifically for trans-brake combinations and strong enough to withstand the high horsepower and punishing shock created by power-adders such as nitrous, blowers, and turbochargers. Developed for GM TH350 and TH400 automatic transmissions and available in 10 different variations, they feature a custom-designed anti-balloon plate to stop converter swelling under extreme race conditions. Numerous stall speeds are offered to accommodate a giant assortment of engine modifications, including higher compression ratios, aftermarket camshafts, aftermarket cylinder heads, and lower gear ratios. Heavy-duty Torrington bearings are employed for maximum strength and durability, and each stator has been carefully selected for its high-flow vents and channels that promote cooling with heat-producing high-horsepower setups. Each Hays Twister Full Race Torque Converter is built, tested, and proven to support up to 1,000 horsepower and each one is hand-built and inspected during every step of assembly.
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