Building Brand Awareness And Developing Positioning
The first 3 rules of building awareness are frequency, frequency, and frequency. Unlike print magazines, AftermarketPress repeats ads from page to page. If an industry professional takes a few minutes at work to look at 10 news stories on AftermarketPress, he or she could potentially see your ad up to 10 times in one visit. Day after day, week after week industry professionals see your ad multiple times. That's frequency!
Introducing New Products And New Promotional Programs
Traditional communication channels, though tried and true, are often slow, inefficient, and costly. Print takes 2 to 3 months to get your message out. Sales reps get the news out to your largest accounts immediately while it takes time to filter down to smaller accounts. Direct mail is very efficient; but carries a high cost. Email newsletters would be great if all your potential customers and resellers signed up for your list; and, everyone on your list opened them. Since no single method is perfectly efficient, a mix of communication channels, including digital, is always the most effective.
There are no charges to introduce your new promotion or product instantly in the digital world with a press release. AftermarketPress brings all your company, product, and promotional news to the professionals in our industry near instantly. Don't fail to take constant advantage of this free, highly effective medium!
Advertising adds punch and frequency to your PR. Instead of seeing your news article one time, readers see your marketing message on page after page, over and over. Advertisers on AftermarketPress have the freedom to change ads anytime. Introduce a new product this week and let the distribution channels know about your new consumer promotion next week. As a bonus, your ad may appear on the same page as a competitor's news article. Imagine the ad for your new product appearing on the page with news of a competitor's product. Go head to head; then reinforce your message on page after page, long after the reader leaves the competitor's news.
An inexpensive ad campaign on AftermarketPress provides instant, high-impact product and promotion introductions and helps your marketing gain valuable, immediate traction.
Recruit Technicians And Counterpeople To Your Training Program
Thousands of sharp, motivated professionals across North America read news about training programs, materials, and videos every month on AftermarketPress. They provide a ready-made audience for advertisers looking to increase participation in their training programs.
Add Retailers To Your Authorized Dealer Program
The more Authorized Dealers in your database, the more often you will convert web surfing consumers to customers. An ad on AftermarketPress can be a constant reminder that you're eager to send customers to retailers. It's a superb way to build loyal relationships with great retailers.
Expand Your Product Distribution
One advertiser on AftermarketPress averaged more than 150 sales leads per month over a year. What could you do with 150 new sales prospects landing on your distributor/dealer sign-up page every month?
Sell More Products Directly To Shops, Technicians, Machinists, And Fabricators
Your 24/7 ad presence is always ready to serve shop managers and techs whenever they need equipment, tools, supplies, or shop apparel. Get their interest, present the benefits, and take those sales leads right to the buying process, from online purchasing to franchisee delivery.
Sell More Services Or Software To Aftermarket Companies
As the number one source of aftermarket industry news in North America, AftermarketPress provides the maximum possible audience in every market segment; from manufacturing/distribution software to local shop promotion services. Sell the benefits of your business software or services every time a decision maker reads the news.
Whatever your goal, AftermarketPress offers a large professional audience in an efficient, affordable medium. Define your goal, hone your message, and start building business daily.
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