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Convoy Technologies Announces the Launch Of The “Mounted TrailerCam”

A Wireless Backup Camera Designed for Tractor Trailers
New wireless technology designed and developed in the USA specifically for commercial vehicles that works up to 100 feet without interference or the need for line-of-sight.
Enables drivers of commercial vehicles to remove blind spots while driving in reverse, regardless of vehicle size.
NEWPORT BEACH, CA, August 4th, 2014 – Convoy Technologies, LLC today launched the “Mounted TrailerCam™”, a wireless backup camera designed specifically for large commercial vehicles up to 100 feet in length. This product is the world’s first backup camera designed for the tractor trailer industry. The “Mounted TrailerCam™” is designed to be permanently mounted and is ruggedized to survive harsh environmental conditions associated with heavy duty commercial use. The “Mounted TrailerCam™” connects via a dedicated frequency to a wireless monitor in the cab, guaranteed to deliver a crystal clear, latency-free video to the driver up to 100 feet. The limitations of hardwired systems have inhibited the adoption of backup and blind spot camera systems on tractor trailers, and as a result, less than 0.5% of tractor trailer fleets currently use camera technology.
About Convoy Technologies
Convoy Technologies, LLC has been an innovator of visual tools designed for heavy duty vehicles, improving fleet safety, security and productivity. With the industry's most rugged engineering, longest warranties, and over 100,000 vehicles equipped, Convoy is the world's leading manufacturer of military grade video cameras, monitors, and digital video recorders. Convoy's products transform vehicles, allowing drivers and management to "See Everything." This newly gained vision can eliminate accidents driving in reverse, provides driver behavior transparency, and creates high quality video evidence for the purpose of proving fault. Visit us at

Armor All Introduces Protective Mats For 2014

AAPEX Booth #5234
Cargo Liners; Trunk/Crossover Liners; Garage Floor Mats; Small Vehicle/Motorcycle Mats; Truckers Mats
Our mats are designed to contain the mess and prevent soak thru, from above or below! Soft, long lasting polyester fabric absorbs up to 5X its weight in liquids & features a Patented Waterproof Backing that utilizes Zorb-Tech Technology –“Absorbent yet Waterproof”. All of our mats are manufactured in the USA from over 50% recycled fibers, lightweight and easy to clean! Simply, machine wash, power wash or hose off with soap and water. Dries Quickly. Our Armor All ® Cargo Liner is the only Cargo Liner that offers all of these 4 Key Features: 1.Absorbent, contains spills; 2. Machine Washable; 3. Universal Fit; 4. Multi use versatility. It can also be used as a Seat Protector; Tent Liner; Waterproof Blanket or for Roadside Emergencies. Multiple colors and designs are available. Our products are Proudly Made in the USA and will last for years.

LightSafe Car Escape Tool Give-Away Announced

May 16, 2014 - Holts Summit, MO -- Beginning May 17 2014, DTC LifeTools announces it will run a social media event to give away a LightSafe Car Escape Tool to three lucky winners. The auto glass breaker give-away is part of the companies one year birthday 'Sale-A-Bration'. DTC LifeTools CEO states, "It is our primary goal to equip as many people as possible with tools they can use for routine purposes as well as those rare times when and if their lives might depend on them. We are using every means possible to meet that objective. Since June 2nd is the one-year anniversary of our official company launch, we thought the best way to celebrate that was to do something for our fans and followers. Without their support we would not be here today."
The LightSafe was released last year along with the AutoSafe Tire Gauge with Car Escape Tools. These two products were the first in the DTC product line and as such helped to launch the company. Carter explains, "While both products include the same set of stainless steel escape tools on one end, they are also unique in that the AutoSafe has a digital tire pressure gauge where the LightSafe has an multifunctional LED flashlight.
There have been many 5 star reviews posted on both products. Here is an actual Amazon customer review for the LightSafe Car Escape Tool with auto glass breaker and LED flashlight:
"I love this Escape Hammer Tool and it exceeded my expectations. I never knew you could package so much different tools in a tool set. It definitely comes in handy while I go on road trips with my friends and it's not too big so I can put this in my glove box and not have to worry about where I put it." - Amazon Customer Jamie C.
Details for the give-away and other festivities are posted on the company website and social media platforms.
About DTC LifeTools
DTC LifeTools is dedicated to providing the highest quality security multitools such as a tire pressure gauge with auto glass breaker, solar emergency light, car escape tools, emergency radio, LED flashlights, and other survival gear along with the best customer service available. Company plans include development and addition of new products several times a year. For more information contact DTC LifeTools at 573-415-0029 and visit

New College, NBA, & NHL Automotive Accessories from Sports Licensing Solutions

Sports Licensing Solutions now offers Emblems, Hitch Covers, License Plates, License Plate Frames, Seat Covers, Steering Wheel Covers, and Head Rest Covers for select College, NBA, and NHL teams. The new product line shows off your team pride, protects your vehicle, and goes great with other Sports Licensing Solutions accessories like team car mats. The perfect way for sports fans to show off their team pride from bumper to bumper!
In addition to the new automotive accessories, Sports Licensing Solutions just started offering officially licensed Ford products! The new products include Rugs in various sizes, Putting Green Mats, Golf Hitting Mats, Utility Mats, Door Mats, and much more.
For more information check out, contact Jimmy Engleman at, call 1-800-525-5923, or visit us at SEMA Show booth 12547.

GAS Auto Solutions LLC Releases "The Clever Turn Signal"

Releasing a new type of solid state Auto Cancel turn signal controller. The auto cancel is not based on a timed turn event. This is a TRUE auto cancel which reads the inertia forces of a turn and cancels the turn automatically (Patent Pending.) This controller activates the signal using a momentary switch and is ideal for variety of autos with less then ideal turn signal controllers. This unit also controls flashers and brake lights if needed. Additional functions include a turn flash mix and a secondary shut off timer for things like lane changes should you forget. There is even a mix allowing the front turn signal to be used as marker lights. Whether you have an old car with non automated turn signals and no flashers, a new hot rod with a steering column and no turn signals or a performance car where you wish to get the turn lever off the steering column; the simplicity of an integrated system is as easy as hooking up the wires. This is also an ideal solution for an expanding growth of off road vehicles such as golf carts finding their way on to rural roads and properties.