Watson Racing Debuts 2015 Mustang Race Components At PRI

PRI Booth #5167
After debuting their 2015 Mustang Street/Strip car at SEMA to a whirlwind of admiration, Watson Racing will be bringing this beauty to PRI in their Booth #5167 to showcase their new product offerings. Watson is at the forefront of late model Mustang race parts, specializing in lightweight and fabricated components like their new tubular lightweight K-member, as well as the tubular lightweight front and rear bumpers. The same quality, fit and function that you've seen on S197 racecars and parts from Watson over the years will continue with the S550 components that Watson will be releasing soon. Continuing the success of the S197 4 & 6 point bolt-in roll bars, both versions will be offered for the new Mustang as well.
Also soon to be released is Watson Racing's lightweight 3" raised cowl hood, the fit and unique styling of the stock hood is retained with a tastefully raised center section to clear anything you may have lurking under the hood.
Visit the guys in Yellow Hall Booth #5167, or visit Watson Racing online at www.watsonracing.com as well as by phone at 1-855-WATRACE.

Start with a NEW Body and Chassis with Schwartz Performance

Finding a straight, unmolested muscle car or truck body to mount to your Schwartz G-Machine Chassis is getting tougher every day. The expense and time involved in repairing body rust or damage can easily pile up as you assemble your project. To save time, cost and distress, consider starting with an all new body to complement your new chassis. Schwartz Performance can provide a brand new Dynacorn body mounted to your new G-Machine Chassis. Dynacorn is the leader in reproduction licensed body shells and offers a variety of Chevy and Ford bodies. Each body is built from all brand new sheet metal and in most areas the material is a heavier gauge than the original! Dynacorn builds the bodies to tighter tolerances and provides a stiffer and better body than the original. Schwartz is an authorized Dynacorn dealer and can supply an all new body for a first gen Camaro or Firebird, ’70 Chevelle, ’65-’70 Mustang or ’47-’53 Chevy truck cab mounted to your new chassis. While they’re at it, the Schwartz team can mini-tub the new body to fit your tire/wheel combination. You’ll be ahead of the curve with all new sheet metal to complement your brand new chassis, plus you’ll save installation and shipping costs! The Schwartz G-Machine chassis is a complete full-frame design that will bolt under your classic muscle car or truck. Our efficient frame design increases rigidity and decreases weight by replacing the steering gearbox and front end components along with the antiquated rear suspension. Another benefit to the G-Machine chassis is that it easily accepts late model powertrains including Ford Coyote and GM LS platforms. In In fact, Schwartz can supply nearly any engine and transmission with your chassis! Learn more at Schwartz G-Machine Mustang Chassis.

PIAA Solar Yellow Bulbs Are Now Available

The next evolution in yellow lighting led us to the Solar Yellow line of bulbs.. advancements in coating technology allows us to deliver Vivid Coat Technology that provides great performance at a lower price. The color temperature of Solar Yellow makes these a safe options when dealing with snow, sleet, fog, dust, and smoke.. If you are looking to enhance the look of your vehicle, or improve the performance of your lights in inclement weather, the Solar Yellow bulbs are the ideal solution.
• Highest quality quartz glass and alloy filament for performance and durability
• Vivid-Coat Technology has far less light loss than other coated bulbs
• Cutting edge yellow output improves visibility in inclement weather
• 2500K Yellow Color has significantly less glare than white light
• Improves visibility in inclement weather
• Backed by one year warranty

Baja Designs OnX6 Arc Series: Premium Performance With Increased Spread Of Light

Designed for night-time off road adventures and racing applications
San Marcos, CA - Baja Designs, "The Scientists of Lighting," has introduced the newest member of the OnX6(tm) light bar system family - the Arc Series. The OnX6 Arc Series is an evolutionary development from the base OnX6 line, delivering Baja Design's legendary lighting performance, but incorporating a stylish, arced design to complement design curves of the grilles or windshields of today's light trucks.
The OnX6 Arc Series light bar line-up is anchored by a 30-inch wide light bar, using 18 LEDs in three 10-inch segments. The Arc Series line also includes both a 40-inch (24 LEDs) and 50-inch (30 LEDs) width light bar.
Three versions are available: Wide Driving - for dust or fog conditions, featuring a 42° horizontal pattern for close and medium range visibility; High Speed Spot - featuring a 6° spot pattern for distance visibility; and Driving/Combo - with a High Speed Spot segment flanked by Wide Driving segments for fully balanced near-field and distance lighting coverages. The 30-inch OnX6 Arc Series light bar produces an impressive 22,050 lumens. Amber lens kits are available in the Wide Driving and Driving/Combo versions for increased visibility in dust, fog or snow.
For competition applications, Baja Designs offers the Arc Series Racer Edition in a Driving/Combo pattern in 30- inch, 40-inch, 50-inch and 60-inch widths. The more powerful Racer Edition produces a visibility distance which is 30 percent greater than the OnX6 Arc Series for enthusiasts demanding increased visibility in the smallest of configurations.
All of the Baja Designs OnX6 Arc Series light bars feature Baja Designs' exclusive MoistureBlock(tm) technology and the industry's only anodized aircraft-grade aluminum extruded housing, with a CNC-machined billet anodized billet aluminum bezel. The included mounting brackets are made of corrosion-proof 316 grade stainless steel and utilize stainless steel fasteners. All lenses are made of replaceable, high-impact, hard coated polycarbonate material. The lens/reflector assemblies are O-ring sealed, and are submersible, waterproof and dust-resistant.
At the heart of the OnX6 family of light bars is the 5000K (5000° Kelvin) LEDs which produce a natural Daylight color temperature - easy on the eyes because they replicate the sun at Noon with zero cloud coverage. The LEDs and Baja Designs circuit board design deliver an industry-leading 49,930 hour life span, ensuring this is the last light bar you will ever have to purchase.
Like all Baja Design lighting systems, all OnX6 light bars meet and exceed several stringent testing standards - MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing), IP69K (waterproof up to 9 feet, pressure washable) and are IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing). The CopperDrive(r) circuity features built-in over-voltage protection, and are one of the only LED light systems driven at 100% capacity. The Baja Designs uService(r) Replaceable Lenses and Optics provide a light bar which are totally serviceable in the field.
All Baja Design lighting systems products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Baja Designs offers a 30-Day, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products.
For more information and dimensional drawings, contact Baja Designs, (760) 560-2252 or visit www.bajadesigns.com/products/OnX6-Arc-Series-LED-Light-Bar.asp.

Baja Designs S2 LED Lighting Line Delivers Great Lighting Coverage, Brightness In An Ultra-Compact Package

San Marcos, CA - Baja Designs' S2 Pro and their new S2 Sport auxiliary lighting system provides excellent lighting coverage and clear brightness from an ultra-compact, lightweight package. Starting with an ultra-compact 3-inch by 2-inch housing, weighing only 8 ounces, Baja Designs' "The Scientists of Lighting" have developed the S2 auxiliary lights into the perfect solution to improve vehicle lighting in difficult locations where standard lights would never fit.  An added benefit is the very low amperage draw, which will not compromise a vehicle's electrical system. The line is highly versatile since the lights can be mounted in grilles, on bumpers or roof racks, or used as back-up lights.
The company's new S2 Sport requires an amazingly low power draw - 12 watts and 0.9 amperes to produce a very respectable 1130 lumens of brightness from such a low electrical draw.  This makes the S2 Sport ideal for applications which have limited electrical output, such as motorcycles, UTV and ATV applications.  It is Baja Designs entry level product, featuring an attractive price point. The S2 Pro line is the higher-powered version, delivering 2450 lumens of brightness, while drawing only 20 watts of power at 1.6 amperes.
Baja Designs' S2 line features four distinct lighting patterns - Driving/Combo, Spot, Wide Cornering and a Work/Scene light.  The Driving/Combo light combines a Wide Cornering (44°) pattern and a Spot (6°) pattern to deliver a blend of light for near-field and mid-field distance needs. The Spot light uses two 6° spread patterns for improved long range visibility. The Wide Cornering model uses a pair of LEDs with a 44° flattened horizontal beam which delivers a pattern for cornering, dust and/or fog conditions, providing the ultimate in driving safety and security. The Work/Scene light is designed to illuminate a work or scene area, using a 60° spread circular pattern to cover a 40 foot diameter, however, it is not intended for driving use.
Available in black or white powder coated versions with bracket or flush mount options, all are available individually or in paired sets.  All are available with optional amber colored lenses, and the Spot model is also available with optional red, green or blue color lenses.
Like all Baja Designs lights, the S2 line uses the highest quality, cutting edge LEDs which produce a 5000K (5000° Kelvin) Daylight natural light - color temperature - which replicates the sun at Noon with zero cloud coverage. The LEDs and Baja Designs circuit board design deliver a 49,930 hour life span ensuring this is the last light you will ever have to purchase.
All of the S2 lights use high-impact, replaceable hard-coated polycarbonate lenses and Baja Design's exclusive MoistureBlock(tm) Technology. This technology features O-ring sealed housings and proprietary cord design, making the lights submersible, waterproof and dust-resistant. All of the S2 lights meets and exceeds several stringent testing standards - MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing), IP69K (waterproof up to 9 feet, pressure washable) and is IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing).  The CopperDrive(r) circuity features built-in overvoltage protection, making Baja Design lights one of the only LED lights to be driven at 100% capacity. The uService(r) Replaceable Lenses and Optics provide a light which is totally serviceable. Baja Designs offers a 30 Day, Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products.


S2 Sport
• Watts/Amperes @ 12 Volts - 12 watts, 0.9 amperes
• 1130 Lumens
• Physical dimensions -- 2.93" x 1.76" x 1.68"
• Weight - 8 oz. (0.5 lbs.)
• Includes S2 light and mounting bracket, or in flush mount.  Available individually or as a pair, which includes the wiring harness.
• Also available individually or as a pair with amber lenses. Spot model also available with red, green or blue lenses

S2 Pro
• Watts/Amperes @ 12 Volts - 20 watts, 1.6 amperes
• 2450 Lumens
• Physical dimensions -- 2.93" x 1.76" x 1.68"
• Weight - 8 oz. (0.5 lbs.)
• Includes S2 light and mounting bracket, or in flush mount.  Available individually or as a pair, which includes the wiring harness.
• Also available individually or as a pair with amber lenses. Spot model also available with red, green or blue lenses

For dimensional drawings, visit www.bajadesigns.com/products/S2-Pro.asp or www.bajadesigns.com/products/S2-Sport.asp.

About Baja Designs
For more than 20 years, Baja Designs has engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive LED lighting. The company's first product was a Dual Sport kit that made a pure off-road motorcycle minimally street legal. That intimate knowledge of motorcycle electrical capabilities led to a natural evolution to engineer the first HID motorcycle race light. As a result, Baja Designs lights have won every professional and amateur motorcycle and ATV Baja 1000 class for more than 15 years. Baja Designs is a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries. For more information, call 866-335-7050 or visit www.bajadesigns.com.