Early 392 Chrysler Hemi Main Bearings From A&C

The Akerly & Childs lineup of specialty bearings and piston rings has grown to include a replacement for the discontinued Clevite “M” bearings for the 392 c.i.d. early Chrysler Hemi engine. A special aluminum/silicon material is employed that has twice the load carrying capacity of standard babbit bearings, while relocated and enlarged oil feed holes and increased groove dimensions assure ample lubrication in high performance applications. They are available for both standard and .030" undersized OEM Chrysler cranks with a standard clearance of .0025", as well as a standard size with an additional .002" running clearance (same as the Clevite “M”). Specially narrowed bearings for use with large radii journal aftermarket crankshafts are also available. Akerly & Childs is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance engine bearings and piston rings, and has become a valued “go to” source for many leading engine builders because of the firm’s wide selection and deep inventory of specialized components. For additional information on the Akerly & Childs Xtreme™ product line call 661-702-1999 or send an e-mail to sales@AkerlyChilds.com.