Ultimate Headers To Manufacture, Market Premium Exhaust Header Systems

Jim Browning, President of Jim Browning & Co., Designers LLC, has announced the formation of a new brand—Ultimate Headers. Browning, a longtime automotive performance aftermarket executive best known as the founder and former President of Corsa Performance Exhaust, says that Ultimate Headers will manufacture and market premium level tubular exhaust systems, most commonly referred to as headers. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Berea, Ohio. “The company’s mission is to provide a product to the automotive market which combines the finest quality materials and workmanship, and delivering utility and esthetic appearance to the user," he said. “Our mission was to design and manufacture headers where we would optimize materials with technologies such as Finite Element Analysis, while delivering a style which we refer to as ‘muscular elegance’.” The Ultimate Headers line has a unique, signature appearance, and is manufactured from 321 grade Stainless Steel. All header products are computer designed for specific applications and fabricated to place the tubes in a compact space envelope, required in today’s automotive applications. The company has submitted several patent applications to cover proprietary aspects of product design and manufacture. The company will begin to ship product in early April. The initial product offering is designed for installing late-model General Motors LS-series engines in older cars and trucks, a popular trend in the automotive enthusiast market. Ultimate Headers will be sold through leading engine and car builders, exhaust installers and performance automotive installers. For additional information, call 440/234-9600 and visit http://ultimateheaders.com/.